Comets, to some Crossword clue

Check the answer of Comets, to some Crossword Clue LA Times.The Answer is “5” characters long.

Hello Guys, If you are looking today for the answer of “Comets, to some LA Times” then you’ve come to the perfect place. Because we’re here to help you solve the popular LA Times crossword Puzzles for 03/11/2023. This crossword clue has also puzzled me but I found the perfect answer for it. So let’s check it out.

Comets, to some Crossword Clue

The answer for Comets, to some Crossword Clue is “OMENS”. The Answer length is “5” characters.

Comets, to some5OMENS

These puzzles might look a bit confusing but don’t worry because we have also given the Solution of it. So, let’s check it out.


In this context, “Comets” are being associated with “OMENS” because throughout history and various cultures, comets have sometimes been seen as omens or signs of impending significant events or disasters.

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Q: What’s the answer to the “Comets, to some” crossword clue? 

A: The answer is “OMENS” 

Q: Where can you easily find daily crossword clue answers? 

A: You can conveniently find daily crossword clue answers at 

Q: How many characters long is the answer to the “Comets, to some” crossword clue? 

A: The answer “OMENS” has a length of 5 characters.  

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